Solo: A Star Wars Story

  This movie wasn’t too bad, I heard what all the critics were saying about it but it was overall still pretty enjoyable. Out of all the Disney Star Wars movies, I’d even say that I enjoyed this one more than Rouge One, because it actually genuinely feels like a Star Wars Story, a small story of a big character. Some serious bits of the film were unintentionally hilarious which obviously isn’t great for a film. One part of the movie I was pretty distracted by was the cinematography, a lot of the shots were too dark to see what was going on, and other times it felt as though the camera was too uncomfortably close to be able to get the full picture. Another critique was the plot was too predictable, there were one or two times that I was surprised at the actions of a person, but it’s a story about Han Solo, we already know he’s going to live, and the people we don’t recognize from other Star Wars films are going to die or leave, we know how this story will end. The crew tried their best with that fact and it definitely could’ve been done better, but definitely could’ve been done worse. Many people were making a big deal about Lando being pansexual but, the film itself doesn’t make a big deal about it. If you never heard about that news then you would probably come out of the theater without even thinking about it. I just personally think that  his character could’ve been developed better and shown a little more screen time. L3-37 was the Jar Jar Binks of this film, an unnecessary companion to the main characters that is just for laughs yet is just plain annoying. Compared to other Star Wars movies, this one was very goofy, which a lot of people didn’t like but it’s a story about Han Solo, the rebel who doesn’t take anyone too seriously. One scene in which Solo was a soldier for the empire, felt more like I was watching a World War 2 movie than an intergalactic Sci-Fi. This movie was okay.


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