Mission: Impossible – Fallout

Mission Impossible – Fallout is the sixth film in the Mission: Impossible franchise and my personal favorite. It’s a great blend of action and story, though the villain is kinda recycled, it doesn’t seem lazy, and a new villain is also introduced though, the twist wasn’t very surprising and pretty expected. This film feels very fresh and new, the action scenes weren’t boring at all and were easy to follow, not too much shaky cam or anything like that. Tom cruise, of course, returns to the franchise as Ethan Hunt and though he is getting old, he doesn’t disappoint with action. Henry Cavill plays the part of August Walker, and he has a great American accent as well as a great mustache. Ving Rhames and Simon Pegg return again but don’t make much of an impact on the film as many people would’ve hoped, though they are pretty much just there for humor. The humor in the film isn’t as present as other Mission: Impossible films but when there is humor, it fits very well and doesn’t feel awkward. My biggest critic of the film was that the CGI was pretty obvious at some parts, but that was only for small action parts, whenever a wide angle is shown, or a close up, perspective, whatever, it looks good. The shots of the inside of a tumbling helicopter were great, pretty much everything about the helicopter scene was great. Just like the fifth film in the franchise, this movie is surprising, and in an understandable way, like Ethan Hunt is one of the top MIF agents in the world, it makes sense that he would do something no one would have thought of but himself. This film is fantastic.

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp is the newest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and definitely will not be the last. This film stars returning Paul Rudd as Ant-Man (Scott), Evangeline Lilly as the Wasp (Hope), and Michael Douglas as Hank. The story is about trying to get Hope’s mom back from the sub-atomic quantum realm because she’s been in there since 1987 trying to disable a soviet missile and only now is it possible to bring her back to regular size. While they are trying to bring her back, Scott is on his last couple of days of being on house arrest and one of Hank’s former colleagues, Bill Foster (Laurence Fishburne), is trying to save a quantumly unstable girl, Ghost (Hannah John-Kamen) that Hank has the technology for. In this film it is apparent that Marvel is getting more creative with there villains, there isn’t too much of a villain in this film, it’s more of just a race against time and no one really has a very ill intent. Though there is a lack of a very mean villain, the film has suits that shrink, and resize and what-not, which make for some creative action scenes. The contrast between the scenes of Hank being extremely small cutting to see Scott extremely large are done very well. some of the parts were a little confusing and it just cut to another scene with little explanation, but it wasn’t too bad. Comedically, this movie excells, like the first film, but I think that the ongoing joke of Luis (Michael Peña) having long backstories for everything should have been used just a little more. This movie is good.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

This movie is enjoyable at best, it doesn’t try to be the best movie ever, or even someone’s favorite movie. It’s an unneeded addition to the once great Jurassic Park/World franchise, the plot of the first Jurassic Park movie was rich and smart, this film’s plot is as flat as, “Oh no, rich people want money and they are going to abuse animal rights to get it!” It’s a story we have all heard far too much, and also the film was filled with flat characters. The original film was famed with having amazing special effects, and this film which relies too much on CGI though it is to be expected with this kind of movie, it’s only okay at best. There was a reference to the first Jurassic Park with a goat being fed to the T-Rex and the goat was so incredibly fake, and it had such a cartoonish reaction to the T-Rex. The movie had a lot of side characters that are very obviously just there to get laughs out of the audience and I can’t really remember their names, I think one was Via, or Zia? The villains had a terrible idea to sell dinosaurs to be used in war which is very stupid once you put a small amount of thought into it. It seemed that this movie really didn’t know what to do with Chris Pratt, so they just relied on him to make himself funny, but that’s obviously not how it works. Some choices made by characters are either very stupid or very out of character for them to do. Though I didn’t like the film, it was enjoyable, and also had quite a few clever and cool shots. A lot of the visuals were well done and the “Indo-Raptor” (A hybrid dinosaur made from parts of the deadliest dinosaurs ever) looked pretty cool. A lot of it may be dumb, but it will entertain kids. This movie was just bad.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

  This movie wasn’t too bad, I heard what all the critics were saying about it but it was overall still pretty enjoyable. Out of all the Disney Star Wars movies, I’d even say that I enjoyed this one more than Rouge One, because it actually genuinely feels like a Star Wars Story, a small story of a big character. Some serious bits of the film were unintentionally hilarious which obviously isn’t great for a film. One part of the movie I was pretty distracted by was the cinematography, a lot of the shots were too dark to see what was going on, and other times it felt as though the camera was too uncomfortably close to be able to get the full picture. Another critique was the plot was too predictable, there were one or two times that I was surprised at the actions of a person, but it’s a story about Han Solo, we already know he’s going to live, and the people we don’t recognize from other Star Wars films are going to die or leave, we know how this story will end. The crew tried their best with that fact and it definitely could’ve been done better, but definitely could’ve been done worse. Many people were making a big deal about Lando being pansexual but, the film itself doesn’t make a big deal about it. If you never heard about that news then you would probably come out of the theater without even thinking about it. I just personally think that  his character could’ve been developed better and shown a little more screen time. L3-37 was the Jar Jar Binks of this film, an unnecessary companion to the main characters that is just for laughs yet is just plain annoying. Compared to other Star Wars movies, this one was very goofy, which a lot of people didn’t like but it’s a story about Han Solo, the rebel who doesn’t take anyone too seriously. One scene in which Solo was a soldier for the empire, felt more like I was watching a World War 2 movie than an intergalactic Sci-Fi. This movie was okay.